18-28 January – Butt Kapinski, WORLD BUSKERS FESTIVAL, Christchurch (NZ) [BOOK NOW]

9 February – Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum, Yeah Righto, Mornington Peninsula (VIC) [BOOK NOW]

7-17 February – Butt Kapinski, FRINGE WORLD (WA) [BOOK NOW]

18-25 February – Damian Callinan: Swing Man, FRINGE WORLD (WA) [BOOK NOW]

16 February – 4 March – Double Denim, Adelaide Fringe (SA) [BOOK NOW]

27 February – 18 March – Fleabag (in assoc with Soho Theatre & DryWrite), Adelaide Fringe (SA) [BOOK NOW]

28 February – 18 March – Damian Callinan: Swing Man, Adelaide Fringe & Stirling Fringe (SA) [BOOK NOW]

8-18 March – Double Denim: Adventure Show, Adelaide Fringe (SA) [BOOK NOW]

9-17 March – Shirley Gnome: Come Again, Adelaide Fringe & Stirling Fringe (SA) [BOOK NOW]

11-12 March – The Wine Bluffs, Stirling Fringe (SA) [BOOK NOW]

11-12 March – Double Denim: Big Party for Little Humans, Stirling Fringe (SA) [BOOK NOW]

16-18 March – Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum, Womad NZ [BOOK NOW]

27 March – 22 April – Double Denim Adventure Show, Melbourne International Comedy Festival (VIC) [BOOK NOW]

21-22 April – The Wine Bluffs, Melbourne International Comedy Festival (VIC) [BOOK NOW]

Touring later in 2018: Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum, Swing Man and The Wine Bluffs…



Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum, The Wine Bluffs, Shirley Gnome & Butt Kapinski.


Adelaide Fringe 2017

Double Denim, Butt Kapinski, The Wine Bluffs, The Wine Bluffs Bus Tour, Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum, Shirley Gnome


Damian Callinan in ‘The Lost WW1 Diary’, VCAA Playlist 2017 Victorian regional/metro tour (various venues)

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017

Double Denim, Shirley Gnome, Damian Callinan & Paul Calleja in ‘The Wine Bluffs’


The Wine Bluffs, Sydney Comedy Festival

Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum, Vivid Sydney


Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum, Switzerland (various venues)


Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum, Underbelly Southbank (London)

Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum, Assembly Festival (Edinburgh)


Brisbane Powerhouse

The Wine Bluffs, Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum